Employment law is an important part
of the civil rights field.

Traditional power structures exclude too many and reward too few.  The Law Office of Arcolina Panto is here to empower you to use available tools for the result you want.  You do not have to tolerate unequal treatment.  If you are an employee wondering what to do, know that you have rights and can learn to assert them yourself or with assistance of counsel.  If you are a startup that does not ever want to conform to old HR standards, know that you can carve your own path and maintain legal compliance.

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Employees at work navigate intricate social landscapes.  Interpersonal relations are at the core of success and promotion at work.  But most employers focus on the objective rather than subjective.  And, many employees suffer micro aggressions or overt oppression that may run afoul of the law.  The Law Office of Arcolina Panto offers personal coaching for confidential advice and guidance in using internal and external methods to improve work satisfaction.


The Law Office of Arcolina Panto offers workshops to both employers and employees.  For employees, the bulk of the training is know-your-rights style.  The know-your-rights workshops will show you how you can stand up for yourself and trigger legal protections.  For employers, the employee workshops may be done internally, and one-on-one or boot camp style training is available for a recognized problem.


From initial pleadings to motions practice, trial, and appeal, the Law Office of Arcolina Panto handles all stages of litigation process. The best approach keeps the client’s aspirations central.  At the same time, the judicial system does bend to meet client’s needs.  Creative lawyering can accomplish goals and remain within budgetary means.


Employers deal with complicated questions every day. Startups need to push innovation while staying solidly within legal boundaries. Employment is highly regulated in California; to reap the most benefit from the booming tech economy, employers must maintain legal compliance. We support those who want to honor both the spirit and the letter of the law.

I’m so grateful to Arcolina Panto…I wanted a second opinion on my advice from my union. Had I listened to my union, I think I’d be in a worse position.J.C. of San Francisco
This [review] is based on her absolutely outstanding handling of an employment legal matter for our family. The final ruling for our case has not yet been issued, but as a client, I do feel that I have been very well served.Scott S. of San Jose
Ms. Panto is incredibly compassionate and intelligent. I would highly recommend her legal services.Elizabeth K. of San Francisco


Employees | When does sexism become actionable?

  • How much do you have to accept?

    What can you do when you’ve decided you can’t take it?

    What are your options when you won’t let it happen on your watch?

  • Many of us knowingly deal with micro-aggressions on a daily basis, and it isn’t always easy to link them to sex. When subordinate female employees cut each other off to get the attention of a male supervisor, that is the effect of pervasive sexism. When a male supervisor interferes with your ability to do your work by excluding you from meetings or preventing you from accessing the tools you need to be successful, that could be actionable sexual discrimination. Where is the line?

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge you need to use statutory protections and advance equality in the workplace. Learn how to protect yourself and others. Together, we will bring the law to life and make change.

Employers | Encourage legal compliance without being a buzzkill.

  • Is the question, how much can you get away with or why are you trying to get away with something?

    If you have a sense that something isn’t right, it probably isn’t.

    You don’t have to retreat from jocular environments where profanity and casual banter about drug use is common.

  • You do have to think about what would happen if your employee having had a few drinks at work gets into an accident on the way home. This workshop will provide straight forward advice on how to handle the unique challenges tech companies face. You don’t have to keep it clean to keep it legal, but you do need to recognize risks and address them without delay. Learn tactics and techniques to effectuate subtle shifts that will increase everyone’s ability to succeed.

Purton v Marriott (2013) 218 Cal.App.4th 499

series | Know your rights

This workshop will present in a straightforward way the best time to take action and stop problems before they start. For example, if a coworker greets you on the first day by saying he’s happy he finally has a sister to talk to about his fetishes, you have options that will allow you to deescalate and protect yourself at the same time. Learn soft skills and steps to take that will trigger legal protections.
First, make sure you don’t blame yourself. The person or persons bothering you are responsible for their actions. You deserve better and can demand action from your employer. Learn not only how to trigger legal protections but to create and preserve a trail of evidence that will validate your experiences.
Do you suspect your male colleagues are getting paid more than you? Do you feel that your team is excluding you because of a non-binary gender identity? Have you applied for promotions but been passed over for someone with less tenure, education, or experience? What’s going on here? It’s discrimination. Learn how to recognize it and what to do about it.
This workshop is for anyone who has observed something at work that made them uncomfortable. Have you observed a colleague turn down a coworkers advances? Have you overheard a conversation that suggests coworkers are spending energy on disenfranchising others? Have you heard a racist or sexist joke at work? Have you heard a slur hurled at someone who laughed it off? Learn different ways of addressing these problems based upon your own layers of privilege and oppression. Those who benefit from multiple layers of privilege will be encouraged to take more direct action, but to make sure and check in with the perceived victim first. Those who benefit from multiple layers of oppression will be encouraged to use more covert means for their own protection and decide whether or not to approach the perceived victim depending upon what resources are available.
It is astounding how prevalent this problem is in tech. Everyone needs sick time sometimes. Everyone needs medical leave sometimes. No one works for forty years staying in perfect health during every moment of every day. Learn how complicated the Family Medical Leave Act and California Family Rights Act are. Learn how to understand what your employer is asking you for and why. Learn how much you must give your employer and what may at your option be withheld for your privacy. Learn how to protect yourself if you are facing retaliation for needing medical leave based upon short or long term disability.
Retaliation is all too common even though it is illegal. Your complaints about unlawful work conditions, trigger legal protection. If you’ve complained about safety, a perceived legal violation, discrimination, harassment, you are protected from retaliation. But what do you want to do? Do you want to stay where you are and try to make it better? Is it too late? It is so unsafe that you need to walk away. These complicated situations can be some of the most challenging. Learn what factors to consider and what actions to take if you have to deal with this. Know that you deserve better.
Arcolina was amazing helping me deal with [a] wrongful termination case.Alan R. of San Leandro
She was always responsive, accessible, and clear on the issues of my case and how the law can and cannot support a just resolution. She is astute and knowledgeable about the law and its intricacies… Always patient with me as I attempted to understand what was going on and always responsive to my many, and sometimes repetitive, questions about its status and any proceedings. When I had to make decisions, Arcolina provided me with options and counseled me on their possible outcomes. She also always gave consideration to cost-effectiveness given my very limited budget.D.A. of Oakland